Day 3 - Uncertainty

      Don't worry, I'm not doubting my beliefs, but my abilities in teaching and finding are definitely being put to the test. Among frustration and rejection from most people we contacted today, I kept thinking to myself 'why is this not working?' It's interesting how trials are so perfectly timed, even if we don't think so at the time. If you think in retrospect of all of the trials you have overcome, you know that they all happened for a reason, and that they made you stronger.

      Here's the story: This morning I was still thinking about the concept of being wholeheartedly willing to serve and letting God use me as an instrument to reach out His children in this area (see yesterday's entry). With that in mind I had a fantastic personal study, and by the time we were leaving the apartment I was so pumped to go talk to everyone.

      Well, the day started great, and we met a lot of great people on our way to the street we had felt could have some potential new investigators. Door after door, excuse after excuse, and after about a five-block span of knocking on doors the morning was done and we were spent. I though 'no big deal. We still have the rest of the afternoon and evening.'

      The afternoon came, and of all of our appointments only one held through... and the guy was drunk. As the day came to an end I felt that I disappointed myself, my companion, and my Heavenly Father. Up until planning i was thinking of the things that i didn't do, and all of the events that added up to this horrible feeling I had of being an unproductive missionary.

    I felt the need to go back to basics and open up the "how do I use my time wisely" section of Preach My Gospel. Admittedly so, I went there purely for technical guidance, but what I found instead brought peace of mind:

"The ultimate measure of success is not in achieving goals alone but in the service you render and the progress of others."

      I'm tired, and I'm getting dangerously close to lights-out time, but I can now go to bed satisfied of another day at work in the Lord's vineyard.

Lesson for the day:
Know that there's urgency in this work, but also understand the BIG picture. Otherwise, you can get exhausted and frustrated very fast.


Day 2- it's workin' time...

      Day two!!!I'm definitely ready for this transfer cycle! today we had some good success finding. Our teaching pool is slowly but surely making progress. I came to the conclusion that missionary work is very tiring. I am so so very tired! Nightly planning was a struggle since the couch was a few steps away and in plain view from my desk. But from experience i have learned that planning is crucial, especially at this stage of intense searching if we want to be effective and truly find those that are prepared. I'm happy to say that we did it today!

      As we were chatting after planning Elder Munson and I realized that this was our last area before going home, and it really hit me that I don't have much time left! I mean I knew that already, but today the thought translated to a stronger desire to work my hardest and leave everything out there. I might have shed a tear or two, but just because my time is running and there is so much yet to do.

Lesson for the day:
      Work, work, work like today is your last day. There is no feeling as satisfactory (especially in missionary work) as tiredness at the end of the day. It doesn't matter how much we know, as long as we are willing, the Lord will help. In 1 Timothy 4:12-14 and 16, Paul gave good counsel for all of us. Don't worry about how inexperienced you are but think about what, with the Lord's help, you can become. That though makes me want to give all of my energy for this righteous cause.


Day Uno! this is it...

      This is it. The start of a new transfer cycle. The start of a new week. The start of a new companionship... well, not so new :) My new companion is Elder Munson. We were companions in philly for a month or so. We are super excited to be together to work in Bridgeton!
And so... We went to celebrate to Gooey Looeys in South Philly. By far the best cheeseteaks I've had. Good stuff :) 
      And so this next few weeks look very promising. I'm just excited to see the Lord's hand on the things we do. We know that we will see miracles as we do all that we can to move forth in the work of the Lord. 
Lesson for the day:
      The Lord works in misterious ways. One never knows how He grants us answers to prayers. Or how the path of two missionaries will meet again in a place I would have never thought to be at in these two years. One can never know if something, anything, was placed for our benefit until the experience is gained by going through it. My new job is to look for the "it"s of life... :)


Day 0... preparation

I'm elder Azero, and I decided to document -to the best of my abilities- the most intense six weeks of my mission here in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission. I have just finished training Elder Herrin, from St George, UT and for the conclusion of two precious years (which starts tomorrow) I will have... a new companion! A lot of spiritual preparation has been happening among us two. Elder Herrin is pretty nervous to go to a new area. We have had a lot of good experiences, but I know he will do great.


Lesson for the day:
When in distress, pray. Prayer is the most basic -and the most important- way to communicate with out Heavenly Father. If there's anyone that can bring peace to our souls, its is the Comforter, sent by our loving Father in Heaven.

Stay tuned to meet my last missionary companion!



Welcome to the intense life of me (wow, I almost wrote "su servidor," ha ha. Gotta love Mexican Spanish). As life continues, I find more and more that my life continues to be a mission, with smaller missions within that mission, and tiny missions within the smaller missions, and so on... you get the idea: Life is intensely awesome and much to intricate to describe it on a blog. Well, until Apple or Google come up with an app to follow me around and write down every detail of every second, this is it. It would be kinda creepy if you followed someone that closely from your computer, no? Society calls those stockers. This computer calls them stickers. Same idea... Let's stick with the blog, shall we?

Anyway, Thank you for... you! It's thanksgiving, and if you are reading this, it means that I know you (?) (maybe?). I really don't know what it means, but I am thankful for you anyway! YOU are awesome.

Enjoy my very unusual adventures of life... but first, go eat some turkey!!! come back in a few days for some more awesomeness, k?

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Happy thanksgiving everyone!

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